Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007- My nickname this past year has been Dr. Evil,
so this is my attempt at creating an image. The boys had fun trunk or treating
and going to door to door to their friend's homes and shouting,
"Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!" "I want the orange one.
Open this for me and Will you throw this away?"

Benjamin dug my new look and thought it was
pretty convincing until I kept acting the same way---

Jared running to our Family Readiness Group's Halloween Party.
Each battalion contributed a game and potluck dishes and candy. It was a blast!

Jared and Ben being reverent at church.
Jared's is repetively asking to see the picture
and we have to keep posing him so that we can TAKE the picture.
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Ben said, "I will fold my arms and be reverent!!!!"
Jared is laughing his hiney off. This was the day of the children's
primary program. Benjamin memorized his line and did a great
job of standing when the chorister gave the signal. I was watching
his every move and then got distracted when it was actually
his turn to go to the microphone. I heard him but he was fast!
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