Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Morning Jared

Jared wakes up each morning and shouts, "Mommy, I all done sleeping!" He repeats this pathetically until I get him out of his bed. He then picks up his blanket and his duckie and wants asks, "Can I watch PBS?" He is always cold in the morning, especially after eating cold cereal with cold milk, so most mornings he ends up with extra jackets on and a blanket at the table.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Basketball Bracket

Benjamin loves basketball brackets. It was thrilling to watch his team progress to the top. (well, nearly to the top!) He connects with his Dad through these brackets every March. Nathan only has to say two words, March Madness, and Benjamin is in his room drawing and creating his own predictions. (Again and again)
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Bruins Basketball with Coach Ron

Benjamin's team fought with all their heart to win the Championship against the Alabama Roadrunners. The first time they played against them as an undefeated team and they lost 19-43. During the Championship, a few weeks later and a new strategy, they lead the game for two quarters and then battled it out point for point but lost 27-30.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Rebecca Whitlock

Rebecca Whitlock and Sally Thompson are the first faces I came to know when we moved to Ft. Stewart. We're chaplain wives, which bonded us together, but we would have found each other anyway because we speak the same quiet language of love. We were able to see one another again when Rebecca made a special trip down from a Chaplain Meeting at Hilton Head to see us. Loved again.
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